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Alternative location investigations for Skidbladner and Herkules floating wind farms

Renewable Sweden's Offshore team has completed and handed over alternative location studies for the floating wind farms Skidbladner and Herkules. According to Chapter 2 in the Environmental Code, it is important to choose a location that is suitable regarding the purpose being achieved whilst minimizing intrusion and inconvenience to human health and the environment. Therefore, Renewable Sweden's Offshore team has developed alternative designs and locations to minimize the environmental impact. The team has also explored possible options in terms of technology, size, scope, safeguards, limitations, precautions and other relevant aspects and the reasons for the choices made regarding environmental impacts. A summary overview of alternative ways of achieving the same purpose has also been produced.

Offshore team project manager Erik Magnusson:

- The location of an offshore windfarm often has a major impact on the environmental effects that arise. Therefore, we are proud to have developed alternative location studies for the Skidbladner and Herkules wind farms. We are convinced that our work will contribute to minimizing the environmental impact and promoting sustainable development of wind power in Sweden.

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