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Milestone reached for Nävlinge wind farm

Renewable Sweden has been commissioned to run the permit process for EnBW Sweden for the establishment of wind power on Nävlingeåsen in Hässleholm municipality. As part of the permit process, Renewable Sweden has prepared the permit application with associated environmental impact assessment. The project involves 10 wind turbines with a maximum total height of 250 meters and an estimated annual production of 280,000 MW/year. EnBW has now submitted the application to the Environmental Assessment Delegation at the County Administrative Board of Skåne for processing.

Annie Larsson, responsible environmental and permit consultant for Renewable Sweden, has been responsible for the permit application.

- The conditions for wind power on the site are good, but just as in all projects, we need to present an overall assessment of the establishment for it to go through the tough environmental assessment that awaits. We have done a lot of work to highlight the opportunities in Nävlinge, but we are also clear about what measures need to be taken to reduce the impact so that the project will be sustainable.

Jan Hansson has led the project from Renewable Sweden's side and feels satisfied, both with the result and the collaboration with EnBW Sweden.

- Much remains to be done before a decision on the final permit has been made, but submitting the permit application is an important milestone for us at Renewable Sweden. It is a prerequisite for the county administrative board and the municipality to be able to take a position at all. I feel pleased and satisfied with the result and the good collaboration we have had with EnBW Sweden.

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