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Seminar: The possibilities of green hydrogen

A local production of fuel is something to be proud of as it provides an increased degree of self-sufficiency that is independent of the world situation and the constantly fluctuating fuel prices for fossil fuels. It will also provide increased growth and contribute to limited climate impact. Falkenberg has a unique asset and opportunity to produce renewable energy and outside Falkenberg many heavy transports pass daily, which can be offered green hydrogen in direct proximity to the E6 / E20. Green hydrogen must also be available to those local actors who demand hydrogen and want to change for the future. If you want to know more about how hydrogen works in practice, get experience from some actors who are at the forefront of their plans for green hydrogen. In addition, get more information about concrete plans for a hydrogen filling station in Falkenberg, you are warmly welcome to participate in our seminar. Program ❖ Nilsson Energy, Hans-Olof Nilsson - Green hydrogen needs local renewable electricity production ❖ Ljungby Energi, Bo Schönbäck - Kronoberg's first full-scale green hydrogen filling station aimed at both heavy and light traffic and is expected to be completed by summer 2023. ❖ Transportcentralen, Lars Quander – Hydrogen as an important piece of the puzzle to reach the climate challenge with the heavy transports ❖ Falkenberg Energi, Jens Mellin - What does the opportunity look like for us in Falkenberg? A feasibility study on the conditions is presented. ❖ Wind Sweden, Jeanette Lindeblad - Future scouting; Offshore wind power a key enabler ❖ Region Halland , Clara-Bella Bergman - Region Halland participates in an EU project (STRING) where the project has been granted EU funding to build and operate 12 hydrogen filling stations. The filling stations are an important step in the green transition for both Halland and the entire route between Hamburg and Oslo. Time and place: December 7 at 8.30 -12.00 at Harrys, Hotellgatan 1 in Falkenberg.

The seminar is free of charge, and we offer coffee / tea and fralla. If you are interested in knowing more, register at no later than December 3rd. Organizer Wind Sweden, Region Halland, Energiforsk Moderator Cecilia Dalman Eek

(The seminar will be held in Swedish)

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