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The future is renewable, and more are needed

The renewable sector is growing, both in Sweden and internationally. The demand for people with relevant education is great and the job opportunities are many. To contribute to a sustainable growth of competence in the industry, Wind Sweden collaborates with Campus Varberg and is part of the management team in Vocational school education Project Manager with a focus on wind power.

In January 2023, Campus Varberg received notification from the Swedish Agency for Higher Vocational Education that the education had been granted permission to start.

Wind Sweden's HR Manager Annelie Nilsson has a solid background in the education system and is the company's representative in the management team. The management team is tasked with shaping the education so that it fits the demanded skills needs in the labor market but must also ensure systematic quality work and that the education achieves its overall goals.

About YH and Campus Varberg Vocational school Education (YH) is a post-secondary form of education that in a structured and long-term way meets the needs of the labor market. The courses are developed in close collaboration with industries, public companies and businesses, which guarantees that the design of the education is relevant and the students often get employment immediately after the education. Campus Varberg already has a higher vocational education for solar energy project specialist in solar cells. In the autumn of 2023, project managers with a focus on wind power will be started with intakes from 2023, 2024 and 2025. The training is one year long.

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