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The preliminary study PX2 Falkenberg is now complete

Energiforsk's program “The role of hydrogen in energy and climate change” brings together a large part of all hydrogen research that is currently being conducted in various places around the country under the same umbrella, which promotes cooperation and knowledge exchange between the energy system's key players. The program is linked to KTH's competence centre for hydrogen, which gives participants direct access to the academic research conducted within the competence centre.

Wind Sweden, Nilsson Energy, Falkenberg Energi, String and EnBW have completed a preliminary study that examines the conditions for establishing a hydrogen filling station in Falkenberg municipality. The study shows that Falkenbergsmotet has good conditions for the establishment of a hydrogen station. The site is strategically located by the E6/E20 motorway and Falkenberg Energi has proposed two locations directly adjacent to the site with areas that correspond to the need for the construction of a hydrogen filling station. A solar park is planned in the immediate area, which will produce the renewable energy that will be used to produce green hydrogen.

Wind Sweden, together with all project partners, will invite to a seminar for the presentation of the preliminary study, but for those who already want to take part in the result, it is available at Energiforsk.

Project partners: Wind Sweden, Nilsson Energy, Falkenberg Energi, String, EnBW

Authors: Stina Brask Bilén, Jens Melin, Fabian Olsson

The preliminary study has been financed by Energiforsk and Region Halland

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