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Vindpark Falkenberg - a new vision for locally produced electricity

At a time when rising electricity bills are a hot topic across Sweden, local and national decision-makers are looking for ways to deliver cheap, reliable and secure energy for generations to come.

Today, there is a quick yet long-term solution to the energy crisis for the residents of Falkenberg - the Falkenberg Wind Farm. It is the new name for Kattegatt Offshore, which is now redesigning and expanding to strengthen electricity production in southern Sweden with locally produced energy for the residents of Falkenberg residents and Halland county.

Just like Kattegatt Offshore, Vindpark Falkenberg is being developed under the leadership of Falkenberg-based Wind Sweden and the international offshore company Corio Generation.

Under the name Vindpark Falkenberg, an extension and development of Kattegatt Offshore is being planned. Initially, we are working to optimise an area in the municipal water south and west of the already licensed Kattegatt Offshore. With wind power in the municipal waters, we can quickly deliver electricity production to the people of Falkenberg. Construction can start two years after the permits are issued.

Jeanette Lindeblad is CEO of Wind Sweden, which works with renewable energy project development. She has been involved in the project since its inception.

- We are looking forward to contributing to the rapid construction of more locally produced electricity for the residents of Falkenberg. This is a big investment and I want to invite Falkenberg's residents and businesses to join me on the journey. Together, we can quickly contribute to a positive development for the town and the business community while helping to lower the price of electricity, says Jeanette.

Offshore wind power has undergone strong technological development since Kattegatt Offshore received its permit in 2016. The turbines are larger and more efficient. We aim to use the best modern technology available to make the project as efficient as possible. We estimate that the park will produce approximately 4.5TWh annually.

The proximity to Falkenberg makes it possible to build faster than proposed parks in other locations when the permits are ready. The area is favourable for construction, it is close to the port, has a favourable sea depth and is close to the first stage connection on land near Lövstaviken. There we can connect the electricity production directly to the grid.

Renewable Sweden and Corio are seeking dialogue with residents and elected representatives in Falkenberg and will be inviting them to talk in a number of ways. Information about Vindpark Falkenberg will appear in newspapers, on social media and on the radio, and we welcome Falkenberg residents to visit the project's new website to find out facts about the wind farm and about wind power in general.

Facts about Vindpark Falkenberg

The Falkenberg wind farm is planned be built in municipal waters and consists of the already licensed Kattegatt Offshore and an extended area to the west and south at a distance of 7-23 km from land.

Projected electricity production if the entire area is used: 4.5 TWh per year - comparable to Ringhals 1 which delivered about 5 TWh in 2020 according to Vattenfall's production history.

More information is available at

Facts about Wind Sweden

Renewable Sweden is the innovative consultancy with the big vision to make the future renewable. The company was founded in 2018 in Falkenberg, Sweden, by both owners Jeanette Lindeblad and Mikael Palmqvist. A tight-knit core group of senior employees has built up a large internal competence as well as a large national and international network in a short period of time.

Facts about Corio Generation

Corio Generation is a specialist offshore wind business dedicated to harnessing renewable energy worldwide. Our 20+ GW offshore wind development portfolio is one of the largest in the world, spanning established and emerging markets, as well as floating and traditional fixed-bottom technologies. These next generation offshore wind projects will help form the backbone of the net-zero global energy system while meeting the energy needs of communities sustainably, reliably, safely and responsibly.

Corio Generation is a Green Investment Group (GIG) portfolio company, operating on a standalone basis. GIG is a specialist green investor within Macquarie Asset Management, part of Macquarie Group. For more information visit

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