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Wind Sweden is now ISO-certified for systematic work with quality, environment & working environment

Proud founders – Jeanette Lindeblad and Mikael Palmqvist.

Wind Sweden is proud and happy to announce that since September 2022 the company has been ISO-certified according to ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (work environment).

A certification shows that Wind Sweden has clear procedures and goals for work in quality, environment, and work environment. The systematic work for continuous improvement permeates the business and strengthens our continued development.

"We want to be the best supplier to our customers and the best employer for our employees. Therefore, we have now carried out important work and in developing clear routines, policies, processes, and simple tools for working in a structured manner. The continuous follow-up audits that are carried out mean that we continue to strive for improvements, have a quality-assured way of working and create participation among employees", says KMA manager Annelie Nilsson

"Wind Sweden is in a growth phase and works on many long and complex projects. It is therefore crucial to have control over the various parts of the business and the interfaces between them. In our endeavor to continuously develop the business for the better, we see it as a natural part to ISO-certify ourselves", says CEO Jeanette Lindeblad.

The purpose of ISO certification is to continuously develop the business for the better. To be certified, the requirements for the current ISO standard must be met and approved in an external certification audit, where the organization's management system (governing processes and routines) is reviewed. Thereafter, regular follow-up audits take place to check that the requirements are maintained.

For more information on what ISO certification means, visit:

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