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Wind Sweden, part of Falkenberg's climate initiative

Falkenberg Municipality and the Falkenberg business community have launched a climate initiative to increase the pace of the transition to a more climate-smart municipality. As a company with sustainability in its DNA and headquarters in Falkenberg, Wind Sweden sees it as obvious to participate and contribute. The goal is for the municipality and the business community to work together to achieve the goals in Agenda 2030 or to achieve climate neutrality by 2045. The companies in the initiative will inspire, learn and inspire each other with the goal of reducing their climate impact, strengthening the competitiveness of companies and the place.

As a participant in the initiative, Wind Sweden commits to:

  • Measure and be transparent about our climate emissions.

  • Share our experiences and skills with others.

  • Be involved in shaping the joint work forward to make Falkenberg more attractive and reduce climate impact.

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