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Wind Sweden's founder and CEO nominated for Power Woman of the Year 2022

Kraftkvinnorna is an association and a network that was founded in 2015 with the aim of making visible and elevating competent women in the energy industry. To pay particular attention to inspiring role models, the association annually appoints the Power Woman of the Year, and one of the nominators in 2022 is Wind Sweden's founder and CEO Jeanette Lindeblad.

Jeanette Lindeblad was nominated because she is a people-educating pioneer who has worked with and for wind power throughout her professional life and has started and run several companies in the energy industry. She has also been involved in both industry organizations and interest associations to promote knowledge about renewable energy's now self-evident place in the energy mix.

The Power Woman of the Year 2022 will be appointed on October 24 in Stockholm

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